Planning? Or Reacting?

Planning – There was a TV commercial years ago with a tag line that rang true to me. The line was, “No one plans to fail but many fail to plan.” The commercial was about putting money away for retirement but the line is true for so many small businesses and associations.  90% of the failures are not due to a bad plan; they fail because of poor execution.  Eisenhower understood that it was not the plan but the planning.  He often commented that a weak plan well-executed is always better than a perfect plan executed poorly.

Some thoughts on planning.

  • It needs to be done.
  • A plan keeps you flexible; it gives you something to adjust from.
  • Planning needs to be continuous. You can’t put it on a shelf until next time.
  • The process of planning is more important than the product it produces.
  • There are many horizons for plans – five to 10 years; three to five years; a two year plan; a one year plan; a six month plan; a quarterly plan; a monthly plan; and a weekly plan. If you are planning day for day, you are not planning you are reacting!

Don’t wake up six years after creating your five-year plan and expect it to be current.

If you like planning and are good at it, why not share your thoughts here?

If you are not good at it or just can’t get your hands on that evasive Round-To-It, contact me. I can help.


About MikeMolinoLLC

Leaders of associations and small businesses have seen tremendous gains with Mike Molino’s guidance. He has helped them in overcome problems and improve the effectiveness of their teams. Mike has lots of experience working with businesses which blend family relationships into their organizations. Mike’s extensive training in professional development, strategic leadership, and strategic thinking and planning provides him with a unique level of expertise. He embodies the strong military values of service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Few have achieved his remarkable levels of success in two almost thoroughly diverse career fields: the highly disciplined, structured military and the entrepreneurial, market-oriented RV industry. Mike brings this expertise to his clients to help them and their teams increase effectiveness, efficiency and team cohesiveness so they can move forward on a productive path. With a solid grounding in business, liberal arts and the military arenas, Mike brings valuable experience necessary for relating to individuals or groups needing to grow and develop in leadership skills and abilities. Mike Molino Mike is a Certified Association Executive, is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and has extensively used the DISC and the Caliper Assessment. In addition to creating and executing strategic planning strategies for more than 25 years, headed as CEO or COO, Mike also facilitated strategic planning sessions for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. I invite you to see more details about me on and on LinkedIn at
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