Align, Execute, and Win!

“We will attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!”, Jack Harbaugh.
Jack Harbaugh, the father of the two Super Bowl Coaches, lived by that statement. To me it’s about getting it done day after day. It takes a lot of self-motivation to generate the necessary enthusiasm.

Getting it done is the most important aspect of effective leadership. Planning is very important but execution is critical. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and Built to Last, put it this way, “Executives spend too much time drafting, wordsmithing, and redrafting vision statements, mission statements, values statements, purpose statements, aspiration statements, and so on. They spend nowhere near enough time trying to align their organizations with the values and visions already in place. . . . there is a big difference between being an organization with a vision statement and becoming a truly visionary organization. The difference lies in creating alignment-alignment to preserve an organization’s core values, to reinforce its purpose, and to stimulate continued progress towards its aspirations.”

Attacking every day with enthusiasm can overcome a lot of planning errors and miscalculations. Many of us do attack with enthusiasm. It’s tiring but rewarding. Think of how much more effective you would be if you had a really well prepared plan and then you aligned your resources and executed every day with that same enthusiasm.

Both Super Bowl teams had great coaching. Both had great game plans. The game showed us which team was best at aligning and executing. The differences seemed great early in the game. Baltimore appeared to have the best alignment of resources to execute planned plays and also to meet the unexpected. But the Forty Niners’ coaching staff realigned their strategies and came back. As expected, the game was close. Both coaches were excellent planners. Both teams were aligned very well. Execution was excellent. Both teams attacked with enthusiam. Each team caused the other to make mistakes. Either team could have won.

How about your business? How about your association? How is your plan? Are you aligned to execute? Do you attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind?

It can be done! I have done it. Let’s hear from you.


About MikeMolinoLLC

Leaders of associations and small businesses have seen tremendous gains with Mike Molino’s guidance. He has helped them in overcome problems and improve the effectiveness of their teams. Mike has lots of experience working with businesses which blend family relationships into their organizations. Mike’s extensive training in professional development, strategic leadership, and strategic thinking and planning provides him with a unique level of expertise. He embodies the strong military values of service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Few have achieved his remarkable levels of success in two almost thoroughly diverse career fields: the highly disciplined, structured military and the entrepreneurial, market-oriented RV industry. Mike brings this expertise to his clients to help them and their teams increase effectiveness, efficiency and team cohesiveness so they can move forward on a productive path. With a solid grounding in business, liberal arts and the military arenas, Mike brings valuable experience necessary for relating to individuals or groups needing to grow and develop in leadership skills and abilities. Mike Molino Mike is a Certified Association Executive, is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and has extensively used the DISC and the Caliper Assessment. In addition to creating and executing strategic planning strategies for more than 25 years, headed as CEO or COO, Mike also facilitated strategic planning sessions for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. I invite you to see more details about me on and on LinkedIn at
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3 Responses to Align, Execute, and Win!

  1. John Thalacker says:

    I felt a lift of enthusiasm reading this. Terrific message Mike.

  2. Catherine Alifrangis says:

    Superintendent Spillane always said, “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” And the main thing was what was best for the children. All decisions could be easily made with that mantra.

  3. Mari Garlnad says:

    As a mother, I set the tone for my home…like it or not. As a businesss owner and leader, my enthusiasm is contagious and can help others find theirs. Living out our organization’s values in front of our staff and executing on the things we say we are going to do in a timely manner, builds their trust and commitment to achieve the goals we set together.

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