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How To Make A Great Decision Every Time

Decision-making is only as good as the process you use. I guarantee this one works. 1. Identify the Problem – Einstein said, “If I had 16 days to solve a problem, I would spend the first 15 defining it.” 2. … Continue reading

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More Simple Steps to Great Leadership!

Listen! Become a good listener. Study listening. Learn and hone empathic listening skills. Use reflective listening tools like questioning and paraphrasing. Become a cheerleader for your people. Make sure they understand and believe that your success is their success AND … Continue reading

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Simple Steps To Great Leadership!

Do what you enjoy doing. Show that you enjoy it. Enjoy being the leader. ​Get results and take care of your people. ​​Care about them. ​​Act so that your caring is visible to them. ​Know who you are and how … Continue reading

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Learning to Lead

How does one learn to lead? Experience is a good teacher. Participate at every level. Don’t back away from positions of responsibility. For example, class officer, extra-curricular activity leader, and sports team captain are great ways to gain leadership experience. … Continue reading

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