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Leaders of associations and small businesses have seen tremendous gains with Mike Molino’s guidance. He has helped them in overcome problems and improve the effectiveness of their teams. Mike has lots of experience working with businesses which blend family relationships into their organizations. Mike’s extensive training in professional development, strategic leadership, and strategic thinking and planning provides him with a unique level of expertise. He embodies the strong military values of service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Few have achieved his remarkable levels of success in two almost thoroughly diverse career fields: the highly disciplined, structured military and the entrepreneurial, market-oriented RV industry. Mike brings this expertise to his clients to help them and their teams increase effectiveness, efficiency and team cohesiveness so they can move forward on a productive path. With a solid grounding in business, liberal arts and the military arenas, Mike brings valuable experience necessary for relating to individuals or groups needing to grow and develop in leadership skills and abilities. Mike Molino Mike is a Certified Association Executive, is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and has extensively used the DISC and the Caliper Assessment. In addition to creating and executing strategic planning strategies for more than 25 years, headed as CEO or COO, Mike also facilitated strategic planning sessions for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. I invite you to see more details about me on and on LinkedIn at

Is Our Embellishing Culture About To End?

Lee Trevino, the colorful professional golfer of the 60s and 70s, often said, “The older I get, the better I used to be.” He was not unique among the many former great sportspeople and show people who entertained us with … Continue reading

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Teamwork is a value!

Teamwork is important within any organization but it’s also critical to have a “team mentality” in dealing with organizations outside your own. The principles of team apply to both types of relationships. Each organization has to be skilled in what … Continue reading

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Time and Perspective

Originally posted on Mary Arlington / MMCC, Inc.BLOG:
Look around your company and think about life in this perspective:  What time zone or time warp is everybody living in? I don’t mean geographically. I’m speaking of knowing what perspective is witnessed and…

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Leaders, Here’s A Process For Solving Problems.

Confession: The study of leadership is one of my real passions. The US was involved in World War II and the Korean Conflict during more than half of my pre-teen years. Stories of leadership success and mistakes were hot topics … Continue reading

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Improve Your Performance Drivers!

What drives you? What drives your organization, business, or team? Sometimes it’s worth a few minutes to look at what others have found to be drivers. The very best learn from others.  They copy the good things and avoid the … Continue reading

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What does the word, “windows,” bring to your mind?

Microsoft? Makes sense!  Even though Apple had been using the concept of windows before Microsoft and for a long time, windows was actually an extension of MS DOS, Windows has become synonymous with Microsoft.  How about windows that affect our … Continue reading

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Are You Chasing B.S.O.s? Another Study Says, “Don’t!”

Has extremism taken over North America? Have you left the pier with the others?  Seems like almost nobody wants to be balanced any more.  Radicals, those way over what was once the top, get the 24-hour news cycle’s attention. Is … Continue reading

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